The story of Welding Academy

Piet van der Horst

I made welding my profession in 1970 and have never stopped learning about it ever since. In the meantime I am well past my retirement age, but not being busy with welding is not an option for me at all. It’s not just work, it’s a passion.

Lindsie van der Horst

I am always looking for opportunities to put craftsmanship in the spotlight. I fulfill the role of Founding Daughter based on the craftsmanship characteristics; continuous learning, perseverance and having fun.

A family affair

Welding Academy is an initiative of Piet van der Horst and his daughter Lindsie van der Horst. For a long time they have had conversations about craftsmanship, how that seems to be less and less valued these days and what that notion does with Piet, a welding craftsman himself. 

How it began

Beginning 2018 a single question gave opportunity to possibly fulfil the wish Piet had for a long time; to somehow be able to pass his experience and knowledge on to other craftspeople. After working in the welding business for 45 plus years, there is a lot to share. Especially the stuff that cannot be found in books, what is called tacit knowledge. A combination of theoretical knowledge, experience and a never ending curiosity. It leads to continuous experimentation to become an ever better craftsman. 
Many Tuesday morning conversations helped us to created a picture of what could be. A shared dream of a platform that is the expression of appreciation for welding craftspeople all over the world. Rooted in a strong believe that we need these people, maybe now more than ever. The platform we envision gives them the opportunity to become better craftsmen and -women, by making the combined knowledge of master welders accessible.

What we aspire to be

There are many places you can learn to weld, just as there several institutes who concern themselves with certifications and qualifications. We see there is room for something more. The knowledge gathered by people who have spent thousands of hours becoming the master welders they are today. Their knowledge, their experience and the stories they have to tell are worth sharing. You may expect us to share theory rooted in daily practice and unique solutions which can only be born of tacit knowledge. 
We believe that you become a master in a craft by “doing and understanding what you are doing”. Welding Academy is the place to be when you want to understand welding and become a welding master. Welding Academy is the Home of Welding Craftsmanship.

Our mission

It is our mission to bring back appreciation for welding craftsmanship in Europe and beyond.

Our vision

Welding Academy is the community and platform for welding craftspeople, where they find knowledge, experience and a place to share their work with pride. Welding Academy is the place where you first come to learn on your way to mastery and then stay to share with new generations of craftspeople. The community and the platform have set the example for other crafts.

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