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Welding imperfections
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Welding imperfections

When a weld is made there will always be welding imperfections present. They are classified as defects if they negatively affect integrity and reliability of the weld. This article introduces different types of imperfections and ways to detect them.

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Personal protection

Safety – What is it? Part 2

Instinctive natural behaviour How does our instinctive natural behaviour affect our safety in the modern industrial working environment? In other words: can we make good

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Welding safety
Health and Safety

Safety – what is it?

Learning to weld I got to go to welding school! I was going to learn to weld! Exciting! There the men and women of steel

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Gases for welding processes

Inert and active gases

Classification according to the standard In NEN-EN-ISO 14175 standard, gases are divided into main and subgroups. In this article we discuss four main groups of

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