Welding Academy is in a transition phase and what will come of it, and when that will be, is unknown at the moment. The routes that were open have not come to fruition. So still, we are open to get in touch with people for takeover or partnership in Welding Academy.

We don’t want to take the platform offline, but at the same time, can no longer invest as much energy, time and money in it as before. A simplification of the platform makes it possible to keep it live and still add content. The memberships are no longer there. Anyone can see all the content published so far. The app will no longer be available from mid-April (for those who have access). On social media, posting and interaction will continue on LinkedIn. On Facebook and Instagram, I will close the accounts. The YouTube channel will continue to exist.

New is this option to donate. The technical side of Welding Academy is not free of charge (no matter what all the advertisements for free websites try to make you believe😉), so your contribution to maintain it is very welcome.

If our content is of value to you and your craftsmanship, we would like to ask you to make a donation. 


Thank you