You know the importance of keeping your target audience updated and engaged with content that is relevant, interesting, and useful. But coming up with fresh ideas which truly help your customers is not easy, and you don’t have the budget to hire a graphic designer to create animations, videos, or infographics. Let us help you out! We have a solution that:

keeps new content coming

We know coming up with new ideas that truly help your customers is not easy.

Frees up time

We know creating and writing brand new content is time consuming.

Saves money

We know editing and designing content is expensive.

has expertise in all areas

We know it is nearly impossible to have expertise on all topics within welding.

What you really need is a library full of relevant content that you can use to spice up your content marketing.

With our Friends licence, that is exactly what you will get. With our dedicated team of Welding experts, copywriters and an animator, we provide quality content that earns attention and engagement on social media.

You will have free access to our animations, infographics, articles and videos, ready to be used in your own content marketing.

With fresh content created every month, you will have a continuous flow that you can implement in your social media strategy, saving you both time and money.

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What are the benefits?

Increase customer trust

It can complement topics you’d already plan to cover and strengthen the trust customers (to be) have in you, as we publish from a product independent perspective.

Save money

It will save you money, as you don’t have to hire editors and designers. We have already done the work of editing and designing.

save time

It will save you time and effort of both your technical people as well as your marketing employees. Instead of chasing up the creation of completely new content, they can now discuss ready made content and how it fits your (marketing) strategy and goals.

Want to know more?

Check out the FAQ or contact Lindsie if you would like to have a chat about the possibilities. 

You can reach her at or +31 6 51 40 40 37.

about the licence

A licence agreement costs €1500 per year, excluding VAT. The year starts on the day of signing, unless agreed otherwise.

Because every year we will add more content you can use and therefore more value. Renewing the agreement after a year, gives us a more solid financial base to create content and an opportunity to reconnect with you and learn from the experience.

No. We will contact you well before the expiry date to open the conversation about the renewal. We see this as an opportunity to learn what you liked and didn’t like.

Not much. Content or publications you have created within the period of the agreement can remain as they are. You can just not create new content or publications using our content.

Yes. As our mission is to spread relevant and practical knowledge to as many ambitious welding professionals as possible, we do hope to welcome many Friends.

In such cases, please inform us with as many details about the suspected copyright breach as possible. We will take appropriate action.

No, we will not. We are proud to be one of the few places where people can find independent welding related information, and would like to keep it that way. We will put your company logo in the Friends-zone on our website. We do like to show off the many friends we have 🙂

Mini-lectures, Master-lectures and e-books are excluded from use under this licence agreement.

about the content

The basic rule is that everything that is publicly available via our platforms (mainly the website and YouTube) is eligible for use. We will provide a monthly updated overview of available content for licensees.

The content overview we will provide all our friends will contain published and scheduled content.

Our content always provides information from a brand or supplier independent point of view. It might help your customers in a way that doesn’t feel like selling. We believe it will help you earn the trust of your prospects and customers.

No. If you find problems with the content or would like to propose changes, please contact us.

Yes, it may be translated into your local language if that is not provided by us. In which case we ask you to share the translation with us. Sharing the translations is a big help towards setting up our website in more languages.

Of course you can. And although we can not make any promises on what we publish and when, we’d love your input.

Well yes, but do bare in mind that the content you use is available via our platform without a so called gate. When recipients find this out, it might actually annoy them somewhat. 

Yes, you may, bearing in mind that the same rules as for digital apply with regards to credits and branding. Also, we would be grateful to receive a copy (digital or in print) when you do.

Currently there are articles, videos and infographics available. When we start adding new types of content you will find those in the content overview.

Ready to be our Friend?

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