Femke Rijpma

Femke Rijpma


Femke first came into contact with welding technology in her role as 3M Application Engineer. In order to better understand and help her clients, especially welders, Femke attended a welding training. Her goal was to get to know all the different welding techniques and to try them out for herself.  Welding fascinated her so much that her employer allowed her to fully focus on the safety of welders. 


Femke has a great interest in the history of mankind, in the development of societies and in the behaviour of people. Originally trained as an archaeologist (prehistory), she then focused on the history of human health from the perspective of physical anthropology. Think of research on human skeletal material.

Femke has often taken the position of liaison between experts and users in the various roles she has taken in her career. She is able and enjoys explaining complex information in an attractive way.

In recent years, Femke has mainly focused on human behaviour in relation to safety. Why do people actually work unsafe? Even when they know they are doing so? In her personal contributions to the Welding Academy, the focus will therefore be on safety and behaviour. In combination with her knowledge about welding helmets, this will be of great added value. 

When she doesn’t work

Femke lives in Gouda with her teenage daughter. She loves reading, walking and going to museums.