Nick Verberkmoes

Nick Verberkmoes


Nick first came into contact with welding technology during his studies and it became real when he started at his second employer. At the time, there was no one in his working environment who could really help him with his knowledge of welding technology. He then decided to take a course in welding engineering. Through a group of highly motivated up-and-coming welding engineers, he came into contact with many stories and experiences of others. It turned out that there was a huge, interesting and unknown world behind welding. From that moment on he is closely connected with welding techniques. He has been a certified welding engineer since 2009 and is convinced that welding improvements are always possible.


After more than twelve years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Nick recently decided to continue as an independent entrepreneur. In this way he can use his knowledge and experience in a broad way.

From the start, his interest has focused on the more theoretical and scientific side of welding technology. However, always with a good eye for the practical feasibility of the prescribed rules on welding. His specialism lies in making and implementing welding specifications, creating and assessing welding method descriptions and qualifications and quality and inspection documentation. All this related to the multitude of (inter)national codes and standards.

Nick believes that the quality of work goes hand in hand with a real understanding of the underlying information, such as a welding standard. Understanding the theory allows people to take their craftsmanship to the next level. That is why Nick is also a lecturer at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences for the IIW, IWE and IWT courses. Sharing knowledge, to make welding better and thus contribute to a safer world.