Piet van der Horst

Piet van der Horst


In 1970 Piet made welding his trade en since then he never stopped learning about that trade. By now he is well past his retirement age, but not welding is still not an option for him. Welding is not just work, it is a passion. 


His very first welding experience is during his school period, when he was thought by “grandpa Lusing”. The fact that his teacher was the actual grandfather of his wife to be, is still a story that runs in the family. Welding was actually not his favourite subject at that point.

It was only during his work at Smit Ovens in Nijmegen that welding really caught his attention and when he was asked to become a welder, it was an easy choice. Through an array of different types of work and courses he got to know various welding processes. Still he realised to be just at the beginning of things, when he became a demonstrator and instructor for gas arc welding processes. During those 14 years at Smitweld his craftsmanship really took shape. The company offered much space and opportunity to learn. Both from knowledgeable colleagues and by experimenting in the welding laboratory.

From 1989 and onwards Piet took on more commercial and advisory roles. Giving advice directly at the workshop floor and solving welding challenges has always been his preference. In the last decade of his career the focus was on supporting dealerships, to sell products in the most professional way. His extensive practical experience proved to be a major benefit.

And now there is a new opportunity to make an old dream come true. To build a platform where welding craftspeople and craftsmanship are put in the spotlight.

When not welding

When Piet doesn’t weld, he still welds. Family and friends know where to find him when they need jobs done and he designs and makes steel objects. He is also a keen amateur photographer and the proud father of a family that gets together regularly to eat, talk and laugh.