Tim Buyle

Tim Buyle


Tim has been in welding technology as an engineer since 1999 and has continued to learn and eventually teach ever since. Driven by his passion for the profession, Tim is active in all kinds of fields. In addition to being an independent welding consultant, welding coordinator in the industry and court expert, he teaches in various training courses (IWE, IWT, IWS, EWCP). 


Shortly after his studies as a welding engineer Tim started working in the industry and came into contact with two extremes in welding technology: micro-connection welding of temperature sensors on the one hand and the submerged arc welding of thick-walled pressure vessels and reactors on the other hand. After that, he switched to technical-commercial welding technology, with a focus on welding consumables. As product (marketing) manager and technical advisor for various companies in Belgium and Europe. 

Tim is a passionate teacher. He has taught at the Belgian Institute of Welding Technique, the University of Leuven and the Thomas More University College since 2004. This for very diverse target groups: from welder to engineer. He also enjoys lecturing in welding groups and at symposiums and acting as an expert in legal expertises. 

Since 2013, Tim is the founder of Weldone, an independent welding consulting firm and he is committed to delivering absolute added value in industrial services and integrity. In parallel, he acts as an auditor and examiner for various Notified Bodies. Here he learned the intricacies of standards and regulations. Tim also arranged for the expansion of the International Welding Consultants Register to Belgium. Furthermore, you can regularly read his welding technical publications in trade journals such as Metallerie, Vakblad Lastechniek, Metaal Info and Metaalvak. 

Tim’s hobby horses? Selection of welding consumables and welding processes, controlling welding costs, setting up management systems for production and quality control and understanding standards and regulations. 

When not welding

Besides his love for welding technique, Tim has a weakness for boats and sailing. At the Royal Marine Cadet Corps of Belgium he works in his spare time as an officer, combining his hobby on the water with teaching youth. And yes… when a jetty needs an extension welded on, he is part of the team.